Complete Jolly Phonics Groups 1-7 Sounding, Blending, & Reading Practice

Jolly Phonics Practice

We have created the perfect YouTube playlists for phonics sounds & reading practice. This playlist includes seven videos for children to practice reading words from Jolly Phonics Phase 1 all the way to Phase 7. Here is how we organized our videos:


Each video is just over five minutes long on average. Each video reviews five words per sound (a total of 30 words per group). The exception Phase 1 as the sounds /s, a, t, i/ only have a total of five words between them (a total of 15 words for Phase 1).

How To Use This Playlist

Children can read along with each video. They should sound out each words two times, blend each word two times, and then read each word three times. This method allows for fun, rhythmic practice and helps the students learn faster. If you would like to challenge your children, you can turn the audio off and have them read the words independently.

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