Wordplay training program copyright certificate

Dear Parents,

As you know, Teacher Keith and I always strive to give you and your children the best possible experience here at Wordplay. This includes putting love, care, and great consideration into everything we do and every decision we make. Since January of this year, we have been working hard to improve our programs, ensuring that they live up to our promises.

It is with all of this in mind that we are excited to announce some special news. We have officially copyrighted the entire Wordplay program here in Vietnam. We have demonstrated to the copyright department that we truly built the program ourselves using quality textbooks and resources available right here in Vietnam, and we now have copyright protection for all of our programs and materials. Furthermore, by taking these actions, we are proving once again that we continue to be invested in bringing your children the highest quality educational experience possible. We will never stop learning, growing, and improving. We couldn’t do what we do without wonderful parents like you.

Thank you for your support and following along,

Ms. Huong, Teacher Keith, and the Wordplay Family