Through The Gateway & Beyond

Today I taught Jolly Phonics at the school that originally sent me to learn Jolly Phonics. It was a bit surreal being there after having moved on 2.5 years ago. I am incredibly thankful for them bringing me in to do the training, and I really enjoyed working with an amazing group of teachers from Gateway. 

It’s hard to believe that it was three years ago this month that I flew to Malaysia to learn about phonics. Honestly, my training was nothing special at the time, and I enjoyed the free flight more than anything. However, after returning home I did more research on Jolly Phonics and started teaching it at Wordplay.

Fast forward three years from that trip and I have now taught the entire Jolly phonics program to over 400 students, and with the help of my amazing wife have trained over 300 teachers in Vietnam just this summer alone. It has been an amazing four months of training, growing, learning, and spreading the love of literacy throughout this country. I cannot wait to see what new phonics adventures are next for us.

Thank you again to everyone who supports us, watches our videos, uses our resources, and encourages us on this amazing journey. You guys are awesome!